Need to squeeze another class into your schedule? Want to take care of a graduation requirement or prerequisite? Home for the holidays and just need something to do? Winter Term offers a slate of fast-paced courses you can complete in just a few weeks.

What is Winter Term?

Winter Term, sometimes called Wintermester, starts in after fall final exams in December, and continues over the winter break, typically until early January. Many courses are completely online, but some require in-person attendance on campus for lectures or science labs. (Check your local college’s course listings.)

The most common course offerings are introductory classes, basics, and prerequisites. This makes Winter Term an ideal time for you to knock out graduation requirements and prepare for the year ahead.

Winter Term classes are not for everyone. They’re fast-paced and require intense concentration and rapid learning. We highly recommend that you only take one. Remember, Winter Term courses cover all the same material from classes that usually take a whole semester — but Winter Term lasts just one month.

After taking a short, intensive winter course, you have earned three or four credit hours in just a few weeks.

Because winter classes are regular college classes, just faster, credits should transfer easily. In Texas, core class credits transfer to four-year universities just like credits from a class taken at any other time of the year. Make sure that you check with an advisor before taking the course.

Catch up or get ahead

Here are some cases where a Winter Term class can help:
  1. You want to take a class in spring, but haven’t finished the prerequisites.
  2. You need to meet graduation requirements.
  3. You need to retake a course.
  4. There isn’t enough time in the regular semester to take everything you want to study.
  5. You’d like to earn credit hours in just a few weeks.
  6. You just don’t have much to do during winter break.

North Lake College course offerings and more information

This year’s North Lake College winter classes are scheduled from December 13, 2019 through January 12, 2020. Specific dates vary by class. Many introductory courses are available, including introductory biology, Spanish, and English composition, plus classes like world religions, dance, and art appreciation.

Browse all of NLC’s winter classes now!