Test-Taking Tips for Finals

Test-Taking Tips for Finals

It’s finals week – you’ve already studied and you’re ready to close out your classes and get to the holiday break. Here are a few quick tips to help ensure you finish the semester strong.

  • Read over the whole exam before answering any questions. This will help you formulate a plan and see which parts will be easy and which will require a little more effort.
  • Choose the easiest problem to start with and do it first. It will build your confidence and you’ll already have earned a few points.
  • Keep moving. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up on a question you can’t figure out – get all the points you can and go back to the questions you’ll need to spend more time on when you’re done.
  • Show your work. You may have an opportunity to earn partial credit.
  • Write legibly. If your instructor can’t read your work, they can’t give you credit for it.
  • Don’t panic. If you begin to feel stressed, practice deep breathing exercises and close your eyes until you’re calm again.
  • If you have time, review your test. Read each question completely, make sure you have an answer for each question, and check your solutions.

Good luck, Blazers!

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