Next time you visit Irving, Texas, take a moment to enjoy North Lake College’s collection of public artwork, acquired over the decades from NLC art students, faculty, and major Dallas-area artists. Art is an integral part of our college’s heritage, and we’ve created a North Lake College Art Walk to help you explore what’s on campus.

Stop 1: Sculptures by Robb Gentry and John Brough Miller
Start your walk at Liberty Circle, the college’s front entrance. The new horse sculpture at the front of the circle is by former NLC instructor Robb Gentry, who now teaches at Little Elm High School. Located between the library and the A building is “Descending Sphere in Space” by John Brough Miller. This sculpture features a gravity-defying ball suspended on the side of a needle.

Stop 2: Paintings by Bob Nunn
The C building’s multi-story foyer is graced with four paintings by Bob Nunn, a longtime North Lake College art professor. Nunn’s specialty is paintings based on aerial photography and satellite imagery, presenting colorful fantasy-inspired renditions of real landscapes.

One painting, best seen from the spiral staircase, is inspired by the scientific equipment that might occupy a C building laboratory. Near the back of the foyer is a triptych of three canvases by Nunn in similar colors. Upstairs, in the study area at the front of the space, is a large biology-themed oil painting, “Rescue,” by local painter Li-Yu Chen.

Stop 3: The NLC art gallery
From the C building’s foyer, walk down the main hallway on the left side – right across from the stairs – and you will emerge in the North Lake College art gallery, a central public space on campus. The gallery’s displays change several times each semester, with spotlights on work by students, faculty, alumni, or artists with local and national acclaim. Check the gallery’s calendar for information on the current show.

More items from the college collection are displayed all the way down the hallway to the Student Life Center and cafeteria.

“Cubes,” a sculpture by former NLC student Victoria Fowler.

Stop 4: Sculpture by Victoria Fowler
As you walk out to the lake and turn right you’ll come across “Cubes.” Victoria Fowler, creator of this sculpture in front of the T building, is a former North Lake College art student.

Stop 5: Texas-themed NLC student totems
Next to Victoria Fowler’s “Cubes” is a series of three totems, all made by 2016-17 NLC art students. These totems represent group efforts in which the students themselves chose the theme and individually designed and crafted each piece.

Another totem stands along the lakeshore to the north, in front of the H building. It was dedicated in 2013 and was also hand-crafted by a group of NLC students.

Stop 6: Prometheus by Octavio Medellín
Many visitors think that this sculpture – situated on the far side of the lake from NLC – is a butterfly, or maybe a bird’s nest. It actually represents the mythical Greek figure Prometheus teaching humans how to make fire. The stained-glass “flames” light up in bright red and orange hues in the sunshine.

“Prometheus,” the prominent lakeside sculpture by Dallas artist Octavio Medellín.

This major work is by Dallas sculptor Octavio Medellín. No footpath leads directly up to “Prometheus,” but you can see it up close by walking around the lake on the jogging trail, then turning off the path and continuing along the lake’s far shore. Out here, you’re more likely to encounter wildlife – egrets and herons especially – than other people.

There’s plenty more, too. These aren’t the only artworks on campus. You can also check out two paintings by former North Lake professor Chris Fulmer in the G building’s main hallway, or a painting by current art professor Melodee Ramirez near the counseling office in the A building. There are other examples, including student artwork and photography, in many other hallways and public spaces.

North Lake College is proud of its commitment to visual and performing arts, and our public art collection is just a part of it. Learn more: