This Hidden Career Path Creates Jobs and Changes Lives

When you go to the grocery, do you ever think about how everything got there? Not just that it came on a truck, but bigger questions: How did the store know what to order, and how much? How do they calculate demand and make sure everything arrives safely? Why does all the Halloween candy go on sale in August? The answer to all those questions is a field called logistics. Michael Gallaway calls logistics “invisible.” He would know: Before starting his 30-year career in the field, he didn’t know what logistics was. Gallaway only stumbled onto the subject thanks to [...]

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NLC Art Professor Brett Dyer Honored with First Solo Museum Show

This January through March, the work of North Lake College art professor Brett Dyer is featured at his first-ever solo museum show, at the Museum of Fine Arts in Longview, Texas. It’s a homecoming for Dyer, an East Texas native who grew up near Longview. The exhibit, entitled “Deliverance: Rescued and Set Free,” showcases around 200 of Dyer’s paintings and other artworks. The title and many of the works are autobiographical, reflecting Dyer’s own experiences growing up in small-town East Texas. “I didn’t really feel like I fit in, growing up in a small town,” Dyer says. “Art kinda saved [...]

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Professor Brandi Harris’s English Classes Feature Wizards, Monsters, and Myths

When North Lake College English professor Brandi Harris was in graduate school, she struggled to relate to the old, obscure “great novels” that teachers have been assigning for generations. They didn’t connect with any experiences in her own life, and they weren’t as enjoyable as the science fiction and fantasy stories she loved. When it was time to teach her own English classes, Harris was told to use the same classics – which she did for a time. However, she eventually devoted her energy to creating classes focused on her own favorite literature. “I got really bored teaching the same [...]

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Art Faculty Exhibition in the NLC Gallery

This fall, visit the North Lake College art gallery at the Central Campus from October 20 - November 25 for an exhibition of work by NLC art faculty members. Works of painting, sculpture, photography, and other styles are exhibited. Featured artists: Candice Austin, Steven Benezue, Trevor Bennett, Byron Black, Brett Dyer, Merry Fuhrer, Sarina Fuhrmann,  Lisa Gabriel, Courtney Googe, Richard Miller, Nancy Neergaard, Jennifer Pilon, Melodee Ramirez, Toni Schuster, Monica Winters Reception for the artists: Tuesday, October 23, 4:30 p.m. Central Campus Gallery Learn more about the NLC Art Gallery.

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Faculty Profile: MaryAnn McGuirk

MaryAnn McGuirk is on the front lines. When new students arrive on North Lake College’s campus, McGuirk is likely to be there. She teaches EDUC 1300, a class that equips students with study strategies and time management skills. In other words, it’s a class that teaches how to succeed in college. And it’s a class for which McGuirk – trained in psychology and eager to help beginning students grow – is the perfect fit. Escaping the obstacle course “I work a lot with developmental students,” McGuirk says. “Their first semester, usually.” Developmental students are those who have fallen behind in [...]

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Celebrating the Life of Dr. Yolanda Romero

It is with a heavy heart we announce the passing of Dr. Yolanda Romero. With 26 years of dedication and service to the North Lake family, she was committed to her students in the classroom and through her advisement of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). Among her various awards, she was the first Mexican American woman to earn a Ph.D. in the State of Texas. We will always remember and admire her passion for educating others. Below the dates below for visitation, as well as a Celebration of Life event hosted by Phi Theta Kappa. Aria Funeral Home Belt Line Road at [...]

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