Study Biology in Hawaii This Winter

Step out of the classroom and into the field by enrolling in our Hawaii field studies program this winter! The course begins with pre-trip classes at North Lake College in December, followed by 11 days in Hawaii, from January 1 to January 11, 2020. On the island of Kauai, students will work in tropical rainforest and tropical costal deserts, explore coral reefs, and hike through the mountains. About the winter semester program Students take General Botany and their choice of either Environmental Biology or Biology for Science Majors II. While working in Hawaii we will work with experts from the [...]

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An Inside Look at NLC’s Hydroponic Farming

Students in North Lake College's introductory biology class, BIOL 1406, don't just learn about plant life from a textbook. They get an introduction to gardening, too. On the second floor of NLC's C building, two hydroponics tables house an ever-growing collection of vegetables and herbs. The tables are tended by BIOL 1406 students in the Green Club, with help from science lab assistant Katelyn Miller and Green Club sponsors Amanda Mello and Jordan Sloop. Mint, basil, and other herbs grow on the NLC hydroponics table. Every semester students grow a different crop of produce. Right now they’re tending [...]

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Faculty Spotlight: Monica Atwell

Monica Atwell Monica Atwell took biology classes at North Lake College 29 years ago, applied for a job helping her professors run the biology lab, and has been here ever since. Now spring 2017 marks Atwell's retirement from NLC, after her enthusiasm for teaching and passion for the environment made her a mainstay of the NLC Biology Lab for decades. Inside the lab and out, Monica Atwell says that her busy schedule means “work here is definitely a dance!” Her responsibilities include teaching labs, advising science students, ordering supplies, taking care of the biology department’s pet turtle, and monitoring [...]

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Faculty Spotlight: Charles Siegel

North Lake College science professor Charles Siegel has spent a lifetime following his curiosity. Siegel’s global adventure began in 1984 when he moved to the rainforests of Peru to study bird populations. “I was a kid from suburban Chicago who moved to the Amazon,” explains Siegel, smiling. “It was a completely new experience.” Living and working in the largest rainforest in the world, Siegel set out to discover what species of birds were living in the region, the length of their lifespan, and the expanse of their territory. He would routinely catch, measure, weigh, and catalog the birds. “I was [...]

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