Six Reasons to Choose Community College

Six Reasons to Choose Community College

Why would you choose community college over a four-year school? We can count a few reasons:

  • Freedom to explore: Most college students go through two to three majors before settling on their final choice. You can discover new fields at community college, with faculty who are completely focused on teaching, not research. Community college options are diverse: we offer everything from 3D animation to real estate. And you’ll be exploring your options at a fraction of the price.
  • Flexibility of class schedules: We have classes at midnight. We have classes at 8 in the morning. We have an intensive business course you can complete by only coming to school on Monday nights. We have hundreds of online courses in everything from warehouse management to creative writing. Or, if you wanted a regular old-fashioned class schedule, you can do that too, and nobody will think you’re boring.

  • Time is on your side: Four years is a lot of time to commit to something. Maybe you want the assurance that you can only take two years of classes but still get a degree. Maybe you want to find a career as quickly as possible. Or maybe you already have a job, and can’t take college courses full time. We offer flexibility to study in the evenings, get a certificate, obtain a two-year degree, or transfer.
  • Easy transferring: Core credit classes at North Lake College transfer to any public university in Texas. Many credits transfer to other schools, as well. More and more, four-year colleges are looking for skilled community college students with high grades.
  • Career opportunities: At North Lake, we can get you started in high-demand industries like logistics, information technology, and construction management. Working professionals advise us on class materials and topics, and they teach many of them too. In some fields, two-year college graduates earn higher starting salaries than the average four-year graduate.
  • Save us from the robot takeover: The Washington Post reports, “Community colleges are the gateway to the jobs of tomorrow that can’t be easily automated by robots.” Not only do we help prepare you for high-demand fields, but until a computer can be your nurse, graphic designer, or electrician, these industries will continue to expand.

Of course, if you want to side with the robot army, our programming courses can teach you how to build them.

Need even more reasons? Let our students tell you why they came to North Lake:

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