Are you ready to impress potential employers at North Lake College’s Spring 2019 Career Fair? This March 28, over 50 employers will be on campus in the Student Life Center (room H200) to meet with students and community members like you about job opportunities. And our Career Center expert advisors have assembled the following list of tips to make sure you stand out.

Tip 1: Dress for Success. Looking your best can impress potential employers, and it may also help boost your own self-esteem. Dressing professionally helps give some people the mental edge they need to be on their game. Don’t have office-ready attire? Our Career Center keeps a closet of donated business clothes, available for NLC students who need them. More donated clothes are available through the Fit2Hire program in room K216: Students may visit, find clothing that fits, and take it with them.

Tip 2: Practice Your Pitch. What are your strengths? Why should a company hire you? Before attending the Career Fair, think about these questions and others that you’ll likely have to answer. Practice giving a quick introduction: your name, your area of study, what career or jobs you’re interested in, and why. Be ready to sell yourself, your skills, and how you might be qualified for the jobs.

Tip 3: Update Your Resume. Make sure your resume is up-to-date with your current employment information, academic status, and correct contact information. Yes, there are people who forget to do this! Don’t miss out a good opportunity because of a mistake as simple as having an outdated resume.

Tip 4: Research the Employers. The companies participating in this year’s Spring Career Fair are listed online in advance. Before attending, look up information about employers that interest you – even if it’s as simple as researching what they do, what kind of jobs they offer, and where they’re located. Hiring managers at the fair will be pleased, and likely impressed, to know that you’ve taken the time to learn about them.

Tip 5: Attend a Workshop. Our Career Center hosts events all semester long. Check out the full schedule and prepare to learn valuable career skills and tips from our expert advisors. You can also tune in from anywhere to watch our career advisors’ weekly Facebook Live sessions.

Tip 6: Visit the NLC Career Center. Need to talk to a professional advisor? Want to practice answering interview questions or have experts look over your resume? Visit the NLC Career Center for free assistance any time. You can take advantage of additional services, too, like printing free copies of your resume on professional paper or preparing thank-you notes after the Career Fair is over.

Tip 7: You’ve Got This! Be confident! Don’t just think about how a job can help you; think about how you – with the skills, knowledge, and experience you have – can help the company. This Career Fair is your chance to shine.