Register Early for Spring 2019

Register Early for Spring 2019

Get the professors you want, the classes you need, the times you prefer – the perfect schedule for you! Skip the lines, too. It’s as easy as registering now.

Starting on Tuesday, November 20, current North Lake students can register for both Wintermester and Spring 2019 courses. New students can register for both terms on Monday, November 26. Spring registration will close on Wednesday, January 16 and Wintermester registration closes on the actual class start date. Spring 2019 starts Tuesday, January 22.

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  1. I want to enroll for certificate in Logistics Technology . do you have the program on distance learning.?

  2. Hi i am higher secondary english school graduate and want to continue my bachelor degree in information technology. I am currently in United States in Tourist Visa..Is it possible to get addmission? If yes what documents I need for admission…Thank you and wish you have great time ahead….

  3. If I want to register to take classes at the North Northlake campus, can I still register in person at the South Northlake campus?

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