North Lake College’s student clubs and organizations bring friends together, celebrate shared interests, and serve the community. Every day, NLC students stay on campus before and after classes to discover another side of their college experience – the common bonds with others and new experiences which clubs can foster.

No matter what you want to do, one of North Lake College’s dozens of student organizations has something to offer you.

Whether you’re in college for the first time or returning to campus, now is the time to get involved.

What are you looking for in a student club?

portrait of Phi Theta Kappa student officersCommunity service and leadership. Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the GREEN Club, and several other NLC groups help students give back to the campus and to worthy causes around Irving. Whether you help PTK students tend the campus garden (produce from which goes to students in need), or run in the Student Veterans’ Association’s charity 5k, you can make a difference in the world on and off campus.

Fellowship and friendship. Many North Lake clubs bring together students to celebrate their shared faiths in religious worship and study groups. Other clubs connect over different types of communal experience – like the African Students Union, Gay-Straight Alliance, and Student Veterans’ Association.

Networking and professional success. Several NLC academic departments, including journalism and video technology, sponsor extracurricular organizations which help the programs’ students network with possible future employers. Service groups like the business group Enactus help connect students with mentors who lead local companies, while the Student Government Association and the Rising Star club help students develop leadership skills of their own.

Honor societies. Five honor societies recognize NLC students’ achievements – including specific societies for business, math, and psychology. These organizations combine student support with fellowship and community service, and most bestow special graduation honors.

Nothing serious, just fun. You don’t need a big or important reason to join a club. Sometimes they’re simply for making friends and talking about cool things, like NLC’s Anime Club, or SFF Epic Club (short for Science Fiction and Fantasy). Whether you want to watch movies, debate the meaning of life, or dabble in photography, there’s a club for that.

View a full list of our clubs, then check out the club calendar to find out what’s happening this week.