In celebration of Black History Month, North Lake College has created a series of blog posts and videos to dispel stereotypes while celebrating cultural diversity in the African American community. We strongly encourage you to share these stories and to join in on the conversation.



african american names


Do some African American names reflect history and culture, or simply parents’ creativity? Who influences their selection? How do these names, and the stereotypes which persist about them, affect the lives of their bearers? We sat down with a group of African American women to discuss these questions and more. Read more.









We asked a group of African Americans to share times and situations in their lives when they have experienced racial discrimination, including the first time they realized they could be treated differently based on their race. Here’s what they shared.








From afros and press and curls to wigs and weaves,  throughout history African American women have worn their hair as a form of personal expression. But there’s definitely more to hair than meets the eye in African American culture. Watch and read here to learn more







It could easily be argued that no institution carries more influence, power, and importance in the African American community than the church. We spoke with several individuals to learn more about the black church experience, and the role and influence the church has played in their lives. Learn more about what they shared here







When you think of food and African American culture what comes to mind? What role does food play when African American families come together to feast and celebrate? Learn the answers to these questions and more as we explore the significance of food and family.





Music is a huge part of African American culture and a critical way in which they have shaped the broader culture of the United States, as well as the world. Explore what we learned about the role music often plays in African American households, and how the evolution of R&B, gospel, and other genres has impacted the culture.