This article was originally published in the North Lake College News-Register.

North Lake College Theatre Company will delight audiences this week by offering two plays by James McLure: Lone Star and Laundry and Bourbon.

The fictional plays, which have only six characters each, are set in a tiny rural town in Texas named Maynard in the early ’70s, where the characters are down and out in a number of ways.

“McLure knows how to write comedy,” said James Gammill, technical theatre director. “In this instance, it’s something that is very specific to the culture of Texas.”

The two scripts are tied together by the relationships between the characters, who are colorful and gossipy.

In Laundry and Bourbon, the setting is the back porch of Roy and Elizabeth’s home on a hot summer day in Texas. Two women are whiling away the time folding laundry, watching TV, sipping bourbon and Coke, and gossiping. Some material may seem vulgar to theatre-goers who are easily offended.

There’s a 15-minute scene change between the two plays, which are about an hour each.

In Lone Star, Roy, a Vietnam veteran, offers his perspective of the world to his younger brother, Ray.

Admission is free. Showtimes are 8 p.m. on Oct. 30 and 31 and Nov. 1. There’s a 2 p.m. matinee on Nov. 2. All performances are in the Performance Hall.