News-Register Staff Sweeps Journalism Awards

News-Register Staff Sweeps Journalism Awards

The News-Register staff is proud to announce the awards from the Fall 2016 Texas Community College Journalism Association (TCCJA) Convention.

North Lake College competed in Division II with Kilgore, Brookhaven, Midland, Angelina, South Plains, Trinity Valley and Texarkana. NLC received 2nd place in overall excellence with Kilgore taking first. The competition entries that were selected include campus newspaper stories, photos and design between June 2015 and June 2016. View the winning entries below.

1st Place
Nathan Woodham, Feature Writing “Where Do They Sleep”
Jayme Smith, Sports Feature “Easton Johnson”
Maritzabel Monge, News Writing “NLC Helps Nepalese”

2nd Place
Justin Livingston, Feature Writing “Striving For Perfection”
Staff, Editorial Writing “Free College”
Alejandra Zavaleta-Melara, Feature Photo “Members of the Dallas…”

3rd Place
Grant V. Ziegler, Column Writing “Dispose of Trash, Not the Homeless”
Joanna Mikolajczak, Grant V. Ziegler and Chirag Sainju – Picture Page “Hidden Gems”
Jayme Smith, News Writing “Tornado Story”
Alejandra Zavaleta-Melara, Sports Action Photo “A World Series Attitude”

Honorable Mention
Joanna Mikolajczak, Sports Action Photo “Prepping for Playoffs”
Grant V. Ziegler and Chirag Sainju – Layout & Design “Doomsday Training”
Jayme Smith, Sports Feature “Boot Camp”

(above) Nathan Woodham’s 1st Place Feature Writing submission, “Where Do They Sleep?”

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