"More Whimsical Paintings" Art Exhibit

"More Whimsical Paintings" Art Exhibit

North Lake College’s art gallery features More Whimsical Paintings from Saturday, February 10 – Wednesday, March 7. The show is a body of work created by S. Chuck McCarter, which reflects the playful interaction of art elements and experiences – both real and imagined.

The art reflects McCarter’s mind at play while exploring colors, shapes and surface textures. His inspiration comes from childhood stories, fairy tales, ancient historical epics, the Bible, Native American narratives and careful observations of daily life and its oddities. Although some of his work is based on research and study, McCarter describes his work as an often-evolving and ever-changing process that he follows intuitively and spontaneously.

McCarter is a painter, exhibition curator, and retired university art professor. He currently resides in White Rock Lake in East Dallas.

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