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With millennials being the most digitally connected generation in history, it’s only natural that college life would be shaped by technology. But are these changes an enhancement or a distraction? Opinions about how technology affects us as individuals and as a society are as varied as the technologies themselves. Here are some counterbalancing solutions to assist with your mental health:

(1) Being a constant checker
43% of Americans are constantly and obsessively checking emails, texts and their social media accounts. If you identify with this behavior, research shows that you are at risk of experiencing higher stress levels. Individuals who are constantly checking report feeling disconnected from family and friends more often than those who do not constantly check, so be aware of this behavior in your life.

(2) Social Media and Isolation
Many studies have shown that more time spent on social media is associated with an increased risk of loneliness, depression and social isolation. It is worth some self-reflection into our own use of how we use social media and how often.

(3) Artificial Light
Studies show that our round-the-clock exposure to artificial light can throw off our circadian rhythms with negative effects from depression and mood disorders to increased risk of cancer.

So what’s the solution?

You don’t have to quit social media altogether to reduce these negative effects. However, finding ways to reduce stress and your engagement on social media and other technology has shown to improve an individual’s well-being. If you wonder whether you or a friend needs mental health support, contact NLC Counseling Services by calling 972-273-3333 or visiting A311 at the Central Campus.

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