Level Up at the Office

Level Up at the Office

Are you ready to take your workplace skills to the next level, but not sure how to do it? You might not need to get a new degree or enroll in years of classes. North Lake College’s workforce-oriented continuing education (CE) classes can help you master new abilities, one class at a time.

Serious learning, speedy results

Continuing education classes do not end with a final exam or bestow college credit. They are, however, recognized in the business world for the valuable skills they teach. Some prepare students for professional certifications or examinations, while others provide software training and other lessons you can start using the moment you learn them.

Whether it’s conversational language or a programming language, NLC classes can teach you valuable on-the-job skills in as little as six weeks.

Here are just a few examples of North Lake CE classes designed to help you level up at your workplace:

  • Fundamentals of Management (also available online)
  • Leadership Skills for Supervisors/Managers (also available online)
  • QuickBooks Fundamentals for Accounting
  • Salesforce Administrator Bootcamp
  • Microsoft Excel – classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced Excel users
  • GED Preparation – fast track
  • Fast-track classes for English and Spanish language skills

College that fits your life

North Lake’s workforce classes are offered on a flexible schedule designed to fit into busy lives. Some courses are available on weekends, some on weeknights, and many online. A few courses are hybrid formats, incorporating both in-classroom lectures and online study.

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