Humans of NLC

Enrique & Melissa Otero • Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico & Fort Walton Beach, FL • Psychology Faculty & Dual Credit Coordinator

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Enrique: A few years ago, on our way to a cruise, we stopped at a gas station along the road. A large man behind the counter was obviously checking her out as we browsed through the store. When we walked up to pay, he said, in a strong Eastern European accent, “You lucky to have this wife.” We remember that story with great affection and most importantly, he was right! I am very lucky. What do I admire the most about my wife? She is beautiful inside and out. Melissa: For me, it’s his kindness to people. To everyone. Here at work and even other social environments, everyone is drawn to him. Everywhere we go, somebody knows him. For me, I have a couple of close friends and those are my relationships that I spend my time and effort on. But he really develops relationships and is kind to other people.