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Suraj Gamal • Pokhara, Nepal • Foreign Policy & International Relations Major

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"Talking to other people sometimes was a problem for me. Growing up, communication was bleak. So I resorted to watching Hollywood movies. I was and still am really fascinated by them. One time, I turned on my TV and watched this movie with Johnny Depp called Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton. It’s a classic! I was so fascinated by it. And my passion for movies just grew from there. I started watching older films by Alfred Hitchcock and even some of the first silent films ever made. While my mom had a problem with me watching these foreign films, it was actually a way for me to learn how to communicate. And I’ve learned that movies can really touch people. Even American films in Nepal. It’s not only fun watching them, but getting to learn and relate to the characters you’re watching."