Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

May 2017

graduation gifts17 Perfect Gift Ideas for New College Grads                        

“Newly minted college graduates are about to march off campus and into the adult world. If you’re looking for a gift that can help ease this rite of passage, here are 17 ideas – many costing less than $10.”

kids and teens summer camps 2017140 Summer Camps                                                                                    

“Looking to make this a summer to remember for your child or teen? Help has arrived in the form of this handy guide that lists more than 140 summer camps and classes in Dallas-Fort Worth.”  


mindfulness appsFree Mindfulness Apps Worthy of Your Attention              

“Mindfulness apps are trending in a big way. Here are five we’re happy we downloaded.”

April 2017

North Lake College allergies20 Ways to Stop Allergies
Spring is in full bloom, so your allergies may be flaring up! Here is a variety of ways you can prevent your allergies from getting worse this season.

North Lake College Last Minute TaxesLast Minute Tax Tips
Have you filed your taxes yet? To avoid scrambling at the last minute, check out these tips to help you file your taxes on time.

North Lake College Spring WeatherPreparing for Spring Weather
Spring is the time of the year when many things change – including the weather. Since the weather can be unpredictable (especially in Texas), learn how you can reduce injury and plan ahead.

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March 2017

Eight Ways to Save on Travel in 2017
Who doesn’t want to save money, especially while traveling? Here are eight ways to save on your next getaway.

 4 Tips for Getting In and Out of Ikea Faster
Do you get sucked into the “Matrix” of showrooms, displays, and gadgets at Ikea? If so, here a few tips to help you get in and get out fast!

Are Great Teachers Poor Scholars?
David N. Figlio and Morton Schapiro share the results of a study in which they examined what, if any, link exists between the two.

Sources: Video Caroline Kee / Ashley McGetrick / Via BuzzFeed and Ikea
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