Help NLC's Honor Students Build a Greener Campus

Help NLC's Honor Students Build a Greener Campus

nlc_gardenAlpha Zeta Eta, North Lake College’s chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, is leading a fundraising campaign to help improve the college’s sustainable future. And these student leaders need your help.

The students have a number of specific goals in mind, to help NLC on its path to carbon neutrality and environmental stewardship:

  • expanding or relocating the community garden, as well as general upkeep and revitalization
  • posting signage for campus butterfly gardens
  • adding xeriscaping to campus
  • helping with purchase and maintenance of trees on North, Central, and South Campuses for the Tree Campus USA program
  • purchasing new, sustainable/solar patio and garden furniture

Alpha Zeta Eta plans to begin making these upgrades in spring 2017, if they successfully raise the $20,000 needed to fund them.

Javier Ruiz, the honor society chapter’s president, says, “This is not a simple or easy project. Challenge is part of it, and that has made me more passionate about being aboard of this initiative.”

The deadline to donate is January 31.

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