Are you enjoying all the perks of being a North Lake College student? At NLC, you’re eligible for so many freebies and discounts that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Check this list and make sure you aren’t missing out on all the resources we offer.

  1. Microsoft Office. Need to build spreadsheets in Excel or take class notes in OneNote? Microsoft Office is a free download for Dallas County Community College District students. Find out how to get Office on your computer.
  2. Rides on Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). DART, which operates rails and buses around Dallas, issues free semester-long student passes to NLC students. Getting a DART pass is easy.
  3. Class-specific library guides. Need help finding research materials for a class? Our library probably already has a list of books, articles, and online resources ready for you. And LibGuides, a free online service, can help you find study materials, both paper and digital, for specific classes or for general topics like business, English literature, or current events.
  4. Help at every step of your job search. Our Career Center can provide you with high-quality paper to print your resume on, practice interviews to prepare your answers, thank-you letters to send after a job interview, and even business clothes to supplement your wardrobe for the interview.
  5. Tennis courts, basketball courts, a jogging trail, and other outdoor exercise areas. Enjoy our outdoor athletic facilities from sunrise to sunset, including the walking trail which winds along the bank of Cottonwood Creek. Just make sure you don’t interrupt a PE class or official college game, and ask permission before using the soccer fields.
  6. Discounts at Dallas sports games. The Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, and FC Dallas all offer discounted tickets to NLC students. Restrictions may apply: discounts may be for specific games or parts of the stadium. Learn more about scoring cut-price tickets (student login required to view details).
  7. Personalized tutoring. A variety of centers around NLC offer tutoring for many of our classes. Visit the Science or Math Centers for one-on-one instruction, brush up on writing skills, or check each semester to see which classes have tutors available in the Student Resource Center (currently, accounting and computer programming). Your academic advisers may also be able to point you in the direction of more opportunities for one-on-one tutoring.
  8. Counseling. If you’re feeling stressed out, coping with loss or health issues, or need someone to talk to, visit the licensed professionals in our counseling office. They’re ready to assist with any problem, big or small, and can help you find additional resources if you need them.
  9. Movie rentals. The Student Resource Center offers a computer lab for printing, photocopies, scanning, and internet resources, plus reference copies of certain textbooks. But it also offers tutoring on how to use computers and college websites, study rooms, and mainstream movies available for three-day checkouts.
  10. A discount on your phone bill. AT&T offers North Lake students 15% off their plans. Plus, the carrier does not charge NLC students and staff activation fees.
  11. Entry to the Dallas Museum of Art. Standard admission to the museum is always free, but NLC students get special free access to special exhibitions which require tickets, as well as free late nights once a month. The Nasher Sculpture Center and Dallas Zoo charge North Lake students and staff just $5 for entry. Remember to bring your ID.

North Lake students are also eligible for dozens of discounts on everything from rides via Lyft to rides at Six Flags. Here’s a constantly updated list of student discounts available (student login required to view details).