Earth Week Art Award Winners

North Lake College congratulates the winners of two different Earth Week art contests: the Tree Photo Contest and the semesterly Chalk It Up chalk art competition.

Tree Photo Contest

Contestants were asked to submit a photograph of their favorite tree at any North Lake campus, as well as an explanation of why that tree is their favorite.

Tree photo by Hillary Gallego

Third place: Professor Hillary Gallego (photo at right)

“This is my favorite tree on campus because it’s the protector of the blooming blue bonnets. Just like we, as faculty, protect and guide our students as they grow.”

Tree photo by Neetika AgarwalSecond place: Neetika Agarwal (photo at left)

“This is one of my favorite trees on the campus. The most fascinating part of this tree is when the leaves dry and fall off. It leaves behind  beautiful stems of the leaves which give this tree a beautiful texture and enhances the beauty of the fresh leaves by creating contrast. Moreover, it also reminds me that every part of  life is important and beautiful.”

First place: Samantha Davis (photo below)

“I enjoyed this tree quite a lot simply because of its “irregular” shape and how striking it was against the setting sun every week when I would leave work late. It just always demanded my attention as I walked to my car.”Samantha Davis's tree photo

Unfortunately, since this photograph was taken, the first-place tree has been removed due to construction.

Chalk It Up Chalk Art Contest

Judges: David Evans, Noni Kirk, Chris Marrs, Brandon Morton, Kathleen Stockmier, Tim Samuels

View the winning entries by clicking through this slideshow:

The entries, listed in the order they appear in the slideshow:

Third place (group): Sagar Regmi, Essica Lama, Shreha Shrestha

Second place (group): The WEOTA Art Club (Jesus Hernandez Franco, Jenny Bolin, Iymoni Moore, Amanda Wright)

First place (group): Carlos Rodriguez, Neetika Agarnal, “Maintain the Balance”

Third place (individual): Sagar Darnal, “Always Choose Right”

Second place (individual): Juan Ramos, “My Last Hope”

First place (individual): Lizette Lagunes

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