Don't Drop!

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed by class work? Talk to your instructors! They care about your success. Let them know if you’re struggling or worried. They can help you meet your educational goals! April 17 is the last day to withdraw a class with a grade of W (withdraw).

Your instructor can help you:

– evaluate where you stand in the course<

– figure out what make-up work is needed if you’ve missed class

– develop a plan to complete course requirements

– refer you to additional campus resources for tutoring and support

– take advantage of North Lake’s support services for help with your studies.

Math Learning Center
The Math Learning Center provides a quiet study area, study support materials, and free tutoring to students currently enrolled in mathematics courses at North Lake College. Central Campus, C211, 972-273-3381

Science Learning Center
The Science Learning Center provides a quiet study area, study support materials, and free tutoring to students currently enrolled in natural science courses.
Central Campus, P333, 972-273-3273

Academic Skills Center
The Academic Skills Center (ASC) houses the ESOL Lab, Foreign Language Lab, Reading Lab, and Writing Center. This collaborative approach is designed to help students develop and improve writing and language skills.
Central Campus, A332, 972-273-3089

Counseling Services
The North Lake College counseling center provides free, professional assistance to students with personal issues that may affect their academic performance or quality of life.
Central Campus, A311, 972-273-3333.

Veterans Affairs
Veterans and their families can find a home at NLC’s Vet Center, an award-winning office that provides counseling, academic advising, VA benefit assistance, and other resources.
Central Campus, H220, 972-273-3169

Academic Advising
Build a relationship with an academic advisor and you’ll be rewarded with an expert professional who understands how to help you meet your academic and career goals. Advisors can help in other ways, too, like directing you to free tutoring.
Central Campus, A415, 972-273-3120

  1. I have bad grades in my History class because of technical problems (internet) in my exam. I was only able to complete 4 questions out of 50 which took my grade to F. And Professor said he can’t do anything in this case and it is out of his policy. How can I solve this problem?

  2. Hey Everyone! Just a small correction the Counseling Office is located in room A311 and our phone number is 972-273-3333.

  3. Hi my name is Carolyn,

    I am a first year student.
    I was sent a email regarding my GPA and my online classes.
    The email discussed how I may not be able to sign up for online classes next semester.
    I understand my GPA is low however I really believe I can pick my grades up.
    I feel I need time to adjust my school work to my full time job.
    I am starting to get the hang of the new schedule.
    Has anyone been in this position and have any information or tips?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      We certainly have had students in a similar situation as you. Please call 972-273-3120 or visit our Advising Center in A415 to receive assistance from an advisor.

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