NLC Students Ride DART Free

NLC Students Ride DART Free

All North Lake students can receive a free DART pass good for the entire semester. The Student GoPass:

  • is usable at all times all semester–whether you’re going to class or not
  • works on all DART buses and light rail lines, and on the TRE from downtown Dallas to CentrePort Station
  • can be activated as soon as you register for classes–no need to wait for the first day
  • can be a cell phone app or, for those who do not have phones, a printed pass

Students are eligible if they:

  • are taking 6 or more credit hours (spring/fall) or 3 or more credit hours (summer)
  • are taking non-credit classes which total 96 or more hours (quarters 1, 2, and 3) or 48 or more hours (quarter 4)

Ask your advisor or registrar if you’re not sure you meet these criteria. Signing up for a free DART pass is easy.

Learn more about the free Student GoPass and start your (literal) journey to college.

  1. I applied and I got accepted for free ride but when the app say I don’t have a free pass

    1. Hi Helen,

      Please view the eligibility requirements for the DART Go Pass. It may be that you have not met all requirements and are not eligible. However, if you review the requirements and confirm you are eligible, please contact DART at 214-979-1111 for assistance to speak with a representative.


      North Lake College

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