In celebration of Pride Month, North Lake College has created and curated a series of videos and articles to educate, dispel myths, and highlight issues regarding the LGBTQ community. We strongly encourage you to view this information, share these stories, and join in on the conversation. 


LGBTQ definition

Language is Important

A useful starting point for understanding the LGBTQ community is understanding the language. Check out this list of terms to help you be in the know. 







It’s Pride Month. Here’s what you need to know.

“If you’ve noticed more rainbow flags and people wearing colorful clothes than usual this month, you’re not imagining things. June is Pride Month, when the world’s LGBT communities come together and celebrate the freedom to be themselves.” Learn more about pride month here. 



LGBTQ Pride Month Scholarships

“LGBTQ students face more financial difficulties than their straight and cisgender peers. Reasons may include lack of familial support, fear of being discriminated against in future employment and thus being unable to repay debt, or anxiety about being denied financial assistance or other services because of gender identity or sexual orientation. View this list of 10 national higher education scholarships that are dedicated to students who identify as LGBTQ.  


being an lgtbq ally

How to be an LGBTQ Ally

“For a lot of people, learning that someone they know and care about is LGBT can open a range of emotions, from confused to concerned, awkward to honored. It may be hard to know how to react, leaving you with questions about what to say, how to talk about being LGBT and wanting to know what you can do to be supportive.”  Here are five ways you can be an LGBTQ ally.


lgbtq pronouns


The New World of LGBTQ- Friendly Pronouns

“Simple pronouns have become a focal point for LGBTQ community members fighting for understanding and acceptance. Whether you want to show support for LGBTQ rights or simply stay aware of the latest etiquette, make sure you’re navigating the world of pronouns correctly. Our primer will get you started.







when I came out as LGBTQ video

Coming Out

“We asked North Lake College students and employees on campus to share their stories and experiences about coming out to their family and friends. View the video to see what they said.



Two men making a heart shape with their hands, isolated on pink studio background

Six Common Myths About Bisexuality

“In the LGBTQ community, bisexuals faces their own unique forms of prejudice. While some discriminate against gay and lesbian people because of their sexual orientations, others question whether bisexuality is even an orientation at all. Check out these common myths about bisexuality and learn the truth.”