This Hidden Career Path Creates Jobs and Changes Lives

When you go to the grocery, do you ever think about how everything got there? Not just that it came on a truck, but bigger questions: How did the store know what to order, and how much? How do they calculate demand and make sure everything arrives safely? Why does all the Halloween candy go on sale in August? The answer to all those questions is a field called logistics. Michael Gallaway calls logistics “invisible.” He would know: Before starting his 30-year career in the field, he didn’t know what logistics was. Gallaway only stumbled onto the subject thanks to [...]

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Professor Brandi Harris’s English Classes Feature Wizards, Monsters, and Myths

When North Lake College English professor Brandi Harris was in graduate school, she struggled to relate to the old, obscure “great novels” that teachers have been assigning for generations. They didn’t connect with any experiences in her own life, and they weren’t as enjoyable as the science fiction and fantasy stories she loved. When it was time to teach her own English classes, Harris was told to use the same classics – which she did for a time. However, she eventually devoted her energy to creating classes focused on her own favorite literature. “I got really bored teaching the same [...]

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Faculty Profile: MaryAnn McGuirk

MaryAnn McGuirk is on the front lines. When new students arrive on North Lake College’s campus, McGuirk is likely to be there. She teaches EDUC 1300, a class that equips students with study strategies and time management skills. In other words, it’s a class that teaches how to succeed in college. And it’s a class for which McGuirk – trained in psychology and eager to help beginning students grow – is the perfect fit. Escaping the obstacle course “I work a lot with developmental students,” McGuirk says. “Their first semester, usually.” Developmental students are those who have fallen behind in [...]

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Leadership Profile: Arthur James

This is Part 1 of an ongoing series, Leadership in Different Ways: African-American Leadership at North Lake College, in honor of Black History Month. If you want to spend a day at work with Arthur James, prepare for a lot of quality time in his car. James is the executive dean of North Lake College’s North and South Campuses, the college’s outposts in Coppell and southern Irving. Each day, he starts working at one of these locations, but then frequently finishes at the other, with a stop or two at Central Campus for meetings. Leader on the move “On an average day,” James says, [...]

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Faculty Spotlight: Monica Atwell

Monica Atwell Monica Atwell took biology classes at North Lake College 29 years ago, applied for a job helping her professors run the biology lab, and has been here ever since. Now spring 2017 marks Atwell's retirement from NLC, after her enthusiasm for teaching and passion for the environment made her a mainstay of the NLC Biology Lab for decades. Inside the lab and out, Monica Atwell says that her busy schedule means “work here is definitely a dance!” Her responsibilities include teaching labs, advising science students, ordering supplies, taking care of the biology department’s pet turtle, and monitoring [...]

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