North Lake College Malcolm Frierson

How Malcolm Frierson Went from Comedian to College Professor

Before becoming a historian and professor, Malcolm Frierson was a comic himself, working the stand-up scene in Houston. He was inspired by “comedians who combined humor with awareness of current events and social justice,” citing Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock as examples. Frierson doesn’t do performances anymore, except, he says, every single day, when he takes the stage in front of his students.

North Lake College Brett Dyer

Art Professor Brett Dyer Beat the Odds

Brett Dyer’s life wasn’t always artistic. He grew up in a family that didn’t care for art, and as a child he rarely encountered it. Now, though, he specializes in painting—and in teaching. As a professor, and as the 2015-16 NLC President’s Scholar, Dyer focuses his attention on students like his younger self, who are still discovering that they can express themselves through creativity.