Catch Up or Get Ahead with NLC Summer Classes

Catch Up or Get Ahead with NLC Summer Classes

Coming home for the summer from a four-year college or university? How are you planning to spend your break?

Taking a community college course this summer can help you get ahead in the fall, knock out a requirement or prerequisite, and save money.

Here are some cases where a summer class can help:
  • You want to take a cool class at your university, but haven’t finished the prerequisites.
  • You need to meet graduation requirements in areas like math, science, or writing.
  • You need to retake a course.
  • There isn’t enough time in the regular semester to take everything you’re interested in studying.
  • You’d like to earn credit hours in just a few weeks.
  • You want to keep your brain sharp.
  • You like to save money.

North Lake College can help, with flexible and affordable summer course offerings. Study online, in the evenings, or at our community campuses in southern Irving and Coppell. Courses start at $59 per credit hour, so a required class that might cost you thousands of dollars at your university could cost as little as $177 at NLC.

All core curriculum courses at NLC are guaranteed to transfer to any public four-year college or university in Texas. In addition, most of our courses transfer credit at many private and out-of-state schools. Talk with an advisor to see how we can help transfer your class credit.

Priority registration for returning DCCCD students begins Tuesday, April 18. Regular registration for all students begins Monday, April 24. Students can register for May, Summer and Fall courses via eConnect.

  1. Looking at the catch up or get ahead page:
    Probably should have dates included here. Date does appear on listing on next page but students looking for fast answer may not go there.
    General website set up: Class schedule could be more clearly available. Students have asked when Summer will be available. They have trouble finding it.
    Finally: Where’s the final exam schedule? Again, students have asked.

    1. Hi John! Thank you for your feedback. We added registration dates to this blog post, which can also be found on our website ( As for the final exam schedule, we are waiting for it to be released.

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