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Liberal Arts Division Meeting



Full-Time Faculty


Math/Science Division Meeting



Full-Time Employees



Instructional Update


Room C244

Faculty Association Lunch and Meeting


Room C244

College Dinner 


Cafeteria and Lower Level Gallery

Faculty and Adjunct Division Meetings


Math/Science: C244
VPARTS: P249 (Faculty/Adjuncts)
Liberal Arts: G401 (Adjuncts only)
Workforce, Business and Technology: T107 (Faculty/Adjuncts)

 No programming on Campus

*All Campuses will be closed to public access.*

All College Day

Employee Recognition Ceremony





Breakout Sessions


See details below

*All Campuses will be closed.*

District Conference Day 

7:00am – 5:00pm

Sheraton Dallas Hotel

400 N. Olive St., Dallas, TX, 75201

All full-time employees are expected to attend.

Registration ends July 13th.

Begins at 7:00am

Welcome Address

Keynote Address

Employee Awards


Breakout Sessions

Closing and Prizes

Session Descriptions

Monday, August  20th
Liberal Arts Division Meeting 
Time: 1:30pm (Full-time Faculty)
Location: NLC Central Campus, G405

Math/Science Division Meeting 
Time: 1:30pm (Full-time Employees)
Location: NLC Central Campus, C244

Tuesday, August 21st
Instructional Update
Time: 10:00am-11:00am
Location: C244

Faculty Association Meeting and Luncheon
Time: 11:30am-1:00pm
Location: C244

College Dinner
Time: 5:00pm
Location: Cafeteria and Lower Level Gallery

Faculty and Adjunct Division Meetings
Time: 6:00pm
Math/Science: C244
VPARTS: P249 (Faculty/Adjuncts)
Liberal Arts: G401 (Adjuncts only)
Workforce, Business and Technology: T107  (Faculty/Adjuncts)

Wednesday, August 22nd
No programming on campus.

Thursday, August 23rd
Employee Recognition Ceremony
Time: 10:00am
eConnect course & section number – XPDL 1000 71105
Staff Enrichment Unit (SEU): 2.0
Location: H200 (additional seating available in H226)

Location: Cafeteria

Breakout Sessions
Time: 1:45pm-2:45pm

Beyond Compliance – Why Accessibility Matters
eConnect course & section number – XPDL 1000 71106
SEU: 1.0
Location: C244

Dallas County Community College District supports a diverse educational community and an inclusive approach by proactively removing barriers that prevent students from pursuing an education and employees from performing essential job duties with or without reasonable accommodations. Making an environment accessible to individuals who have disabilities often benefits others. Learn how accessibility goes beyond an issue of compliance and how you can help improve the learning experience for everyone.

Strategies for Implementing the Common Book in any Work Area
eConnect course & section number – XPDL 1000 71107
SEU: 1.0
Location: G401

The NLC common book creates a shared experience for students, faculty, staff, and administrators to build a community of readers who engage in thoughtful, intellectual discussions that fosters academic growth and collegiate engagement. The purpose of this session is to introduce NLC employees to this year’s common book: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. The session will discuss the planned events along with offering suggestions on how to integrate the book into curriculum and work areas.

Global in your own Backyard: Unpacking a World of Opportunities for Students
eConnect course & section number – XPDL 1000 71108
SEU: 1.0
Location: K216

The session will provide presentations on globalization and sustainability best practices currently occurring in NLC classrooms across various academic areas as well as through service learning student projects serving the local and global community. Attendees will have opportunity participate in group activities and be provided with an overview of models for globalizing and greening curriculum, easy steps to achieving SLOs using the 17 global goals for sustainable development, and updated resources of the SAGE Scholars Program.

Breakout Sessions
Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm

GPS Training (XGPS Screen)
eConnect course & section number – XPDL 1000 71109
SEU: 1.0
Location: A206

The XGPS Guided Pathways screen is completed and ready for advisors and students(eConnect). Join us this session to discuss how to best implement XGPS. The goal is to give Advisors another tool to keep better track of students’ progress within their Career Path and designated Guided Pathway ( Program of Study). It will allow Advisors to case manage their students, track if they are reaching milestones, need help in obtaining college resources and ultimately completion. Staff will be able to:

• Understand how to access the XGPS screen in Colleague
• Understand how students can update their guided pathway information through their eConnect account
• Start a plan for implementation of XGPS in their departments
• Connect with Career Path Advisors

ASK about Suicide to Save a Life
eConnect course & section number – XPDL 1000 71110
SEU: 1.0
Location: G405

ASK About Suicide to Save a Life is a best practice gatekeeper training that teaches how to identify suicide risk factors, protective factors, warning signs and appropriate referral strategies. The participants will learn what they can do when they hear suicidal language or observe behavior that is concerning. They will learn how to ask about suicide, how to seek more information, and know how and where to refer the individual for professional help. ASK is a process to offer HOPE to help prevent a tragic loss of life and is not a form of treatment or counseling.

Blazers Building Smart Communities with Sustainability and Resiliency
eConnect course & section number – XPDL 1000 71111
SEU: 1.0
Location: K216

The session will provide presentations on the emerging concept of ‘Smart Cities’ and how local cities such as Arlington, Coppell, Fort Worth, Irving, and Lewisville are using big data to enhance quality of life. Attendees will have opportunity to participate in group activities that help contribute ideas for local communities and NLC’s goals to become a more sustainable, resilient and smart campus.

Friday, August 24th
DCCCD District Conference Day
Time: 7:00am-5:00pm
Location: Sheraton Dallas Hotel
400 N. Olive St., Dallas, TX, 75201
All Full-Time Employees are required to attend.
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