This article was written by Heather Sherrill and originally appeared in the North Lake News-Register.

North Lake College Lady Blazers haven’t had a great season, but they pulled it off at the very end.

“We had injuries and we have struggled with having all positions competing at the same time,” said head volleyball coach Cathy Carter.

In order for a volleyball team to be on its A game, all three positions need to be scoring points: the left, which is called the outside hitter, the middle blocker, and then the right side hitter.

“Each position plays great, but there hasn’t been a game where all the positions score in the same game,” said Carter.

At the beginning of the season, the team started out with only three sophomores, one transfer, seven freshmen and two new assistant coaches, while coach Carter went on maternity leave.

“Everyone plays great individually. The challenge is getting everyone to start working together as one team,” said Caleb McLean, assistant coach.

Despite the struggles, the Lady Blazers just defeated the No. 1 seed in the conference — the Brookhaven Bears.

Overall, there has been growth during every game the girls have played.

“The one thing that I have never had before was a team that changes their mistakes and grows in the middle of a game,” said Carter.

“Normally we would fix mistakes during practice, but because I was out for the beginning of the season, we couldn’t do that.”

The team goes to the playoffs on Wednesday, Oct. 30 against Richland, and if they win, they will play again on Friday, Nov. 1. The games take place at Eastfield College.

“This is a national level team,” said Carter. “They play well, they are playing at a high level and my sophomores are stepping up for the team.”