Because You Want More from College

Because You Want More from College

North Lake College International DayYou don’t have to travel across the state or country to get a great college education. Your local community college is a great starting place if you want to save on tuition costs for your first two years of college and stay close to home. It’s also a great place to power through school, earn a degree or certificate, and quickly jump into a career.

The transfer path – start here, transfer anywhere.

Planning to earn a bachelor degree, master’s, or Ph.D? Complete your first two years of college at North Lake.

The “core” of learning in college is a set of courses that will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and educational experiences you need to succeed in higher education. Those courses – called the Core Curriculum – lead to an associate degree from North Lake College and transfer to four-year colleges and universities. The Core Curriculum includes courses in English, mathematics, arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and natural and physical sciences.

The career path – start or advance your career at North Lake College.

Ready to jump into a career? North Lake College offers certificates for more than 25 career fields. A certificate is not a degree, but a credential showing successful completion of a basic curriculum in a professional field. Certificates require between six months and two years of study, with some shorter, more intensive online programs available. Most programs offer internships and cooperative work-education courses that combine real-world experience with college coursework.

Learning outside the classroom

College should be about more than just going to a classroom. If you’re interested in getting an education and expanding your worldview at the same time, we’ve got you covered with a variety of unique opportunities.

Are you a vagabond and a hands-on learner? Learn science in distant locales with natural wonders as your laboratories. We offer field studies classes in Hawaii and on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Concerned by social issues? North Lake’s Service Learning program combines academic instruction with active community service, utilizing critical, reflective thinking to examine the world around you and your civic responsibilities.

North Lake College Hawaii Field Studies
NLC’s Hawaiian Field Studies program includes courses on biology, geology, and photography.

Interested in how we shape our environment? We offer courses with a sustainability concentration in every field of study. Students who complete 15 credit hours of approved “green” coursework earn a degree emphasis and wear a special green cord at graduation.

Crave cultural diversity? North Lake has over a thousand international students from over 50 countries worldwide. Our active International Club that holds a variety of cultural activities and celebrations throughout the year.

Are you fascinated by international business issues? North Lake offers an international honors certificate with online classes offered through prestigious universities.

Dream of traveling? North Lake students can take any number of opportunities to study outside Texas, from geology classes on the volcanoes of Hawaii to prestigious global citizenship courses in Salzburg, Austria.

You want more from your college experience. You want big ideas, rich experiences, and knowledge you can use. You want North Lake College.

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