Busy during the week?  Did you know North Lake College offers a variety of classes with flexible schedules, including a variety of weekend classes?


The benefits of weekend studies

  • Get ahead fast: Many weekend classes finish in just 7 weeks, meaning you can earn credit for a class like Speech Communication or College Algebra in just a couple of months. 
  • Accelerate your certificate or degree: You can take advantage of Saturday scheduling to move quickly through introductory courses. For instance: thinking of learning Cisco networking skills for an in-demand job? Take the introductory course on Saturdays in January through March, then immediately move on to the next class in the sequence, offered from March to early May.
  • Study on your own time: Our Saturday offerings are perfect for students who work during the week or balance work and school with family. Plus, without weekday rush hours, you’ll have a shorter, less stressful drive to campus.
  • Sleep in: Only one of our Saturday classes (woodworking) begins before 8:30 a.m.!

What kind of classes can you take on weekends at North Lake? In spring 2018 we’re offering over two dozen options, including drawing, computer programming, college algebra, sculpture, and introductory courses in psychology, biology, physics, and logistics.

Looking for more options? You can also take hundreds of NLC classes online.

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