Add a SAGE Scholars Honor to Your Degree

Add a SAGE Scholars Honor to Your Degree

Stand out from the pack by adding a unique distinction to your diploma: North Lake College’s SAGE Scholar honor.

What is a SAGE Scholar, and why should I be one?

The SAGE (Sustainability Awareness and Global Education) Scholars Program is an honor recognizing students who take classes with a focus on sustainability and real-world issues in global society, the world economy, and the environment. Students also complete volunteer community service. A SAGE Scholar honor can be added to any North Lake College associate degree.

You can become a SAGE Scholar while taking all the courses you were planning to take anyway — since eligible courses range across almost every subject at NLC, from English literature to mortgage banking. Professors commit to sustainable classroom practices and assign readings or practical projects with themes based on real-world issues. View the complete list of SAGE courses and instructors (PDF link).

Why add this recognition to your degree? In addition to getting to wear a cool green cord at graduation, you can transfer your credit to one of the many Texas colleges and universities which offer degrees in sustainability studies. Employers in many fields, especially business and construction, value job applicants who have studied “green” issues. 

What are the requirements?

  1. Earn any Associate Degree available at North Lake College
  2. Earn a ‘C’ or better in 12.0 credit hours of approved SAGE courses and instructors
  3. Earn at least 3.0 credits in each of the four areas: Global Citizenship, Sustainable Economy, Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Society
  4. Complete 20 volunteer hours by the time of graduation (learn about NLC Service Learning volunteer options)

Courses are available in more than 20 subjects, including Arts, Biology, Botany, Business, Chemistry, Construction, Economics, English, Environmental Science, Finance, Geology, Government, History, Humanities, Logistics, Management, Math, Microbiology, Mortgage Banking, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, and Speech Communications.

Ready to learn more?
Please see your academic advisor in the Advising Center in A400 for specific details.  

If you have additional questions about the SAGE Scholars Program, please contact the Sustainability Coordinator, Brandon Morton at or 972-273-3392. 

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