Are you over long lines and full classes? To avoid these sticky situations, you should register now! The fall semester will be here before you know it, and you don’t want to fall behind (see what we did there) on making the perfect schedule.

Do you need some convincing? Here are some reasons why you should register now!

1. Skip the long lines in advising.

Who has time to wait in a long line? Nobody! Since our offices are not as busy in the summer, you’ll have more time to talk with advisors about your schedule. So take advantage by visiting us now before everyone starts making their way back to campus. You’ll save a lot of time!

2. Sign up for the classes you need before they fill up.

Maybe you have a tight schedule mixed in with work and family, so you need classes that meet at a particular time of day. Or maybe you’re not a morning person, so you are on the search for afternoon or evening classes only. If you sign up for classes early, you have a much greater chance of enrolling in all the classes you need.

3. Get the professors you want.
yaaas jimmy fallon

While we know you love ALL your professors at NLC (*wink wink*), there may be a particular professor you are most fond of. By registering early, you can snag your favorite professors’ classes before other students race for them at the last moment.

4. Plan your schedule in advance.

When you plan your schedule early, you are not only ahead of other students who may be waiting to register, but you also have more time to do other fun things. You deserve to enjoy your summer to the fullest! Make planning out your fall schedule a priority, so you can focus on other important things in your life before school starts.

5.  Opportunity to visit campus to enjoy the lakeside views and Food Truck Fridays.
nlc lake

If you register in person, you have the opportunity to visit some of your professors and meet up with friends. Plus, if you are on campus this summer, you can grab lunch from a variety of food trucks for Food Truck Fridays and eat on the patio to catch views of the lake!

6.  More time to pay off your tuition.
counting money

We all dread the “b” word…BILLS. But when you register early, you give yourself more time to pay off your tuition versus paying your tuition up front or in a matter of days.

7.  Reduce your stress levels.

calm down

Don’t you hate when you find out a class you need is full? Does waiting in long lines make you anxious or irritated? Registering early for classes can help alleviate stress.

8.  Peace of mind.
old man chilling at pool

When you register early for classes, it’s one less thing you have to worry about. It’s summertime, so sit back and relax! Just don’t wait until the last minute to register, so you can keep that peace of mind. View important dates below!

Tuesday, April 23 | Priority registration begins for current and returning students

Monday, April 29 | Regular registration begins for new students

Friday, May 17 | Maymester classes begin

Thursday, June 6 | Summer I begins

Monday, July 8 | Summer II begins

Wednesday, August 21 | Last day to register for Fall 2019

Monday, August 26 | Fall 2019 begins

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