26 State Awards for NLC Student Journalists

26 State Awards for NLC Student Journalists

Video technology 15f_DSC0982Student journalists from North Lake College were honored with 26 awards at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) in downtown Dallas March 30-April 1.

The News-Register, NLC’s student newspaper, received 17 honors. The college’s literary magazine, Duck Soup, won five, and its general magazine, The Blazer, received an honorable mention for cover design. Television productions from the Video Technology department received 3 awards. The TIPA entries represented previously published and previously aired work from the entire 2016 academic year, in the categories of Television, Newspaper, General Magazine, and Literary Magazine.

Graphic design student Justin Livingston received a total of eight honors, including five solo honors and three shared with his colleagues.

Below is a list of the accolades received in each category.

On-site Competition: 

Alex Kypfer, 3rd Place
Print Sports Story, “UTD baseball game”


Chad Rea, 2nd Place
Television Production

Luis Barbosa, Honorable Mention
TV News Non-Feature

Ardalan Badakhshanian, Honorable Mention
Television Documentary

Newspaper, News-Register:

Nathan Woodham, 1st Place
News Feature Story, “Where do they sleep?”

Justin Livingston, 1st Place
Feature Page Design, “Pokemon in Academia”

Prav Ramarao, 2nd Place
General Column, Campus Carry “Don’t feel under …”

Justin Livingston, Joanna Mikolajczak, Alejandra Zavaleta-Melara, 2nd Place
Page One Design, Nov. 28, 2016

Joanna Mikolajczak, 2nd Place
Sports Page Design, Nov. 28, 2016

Justin Livingston, 2nd Place
Photo Illustration, “Where do they sleep?”

Justin Livingston and Nathan Woodham, 2nd Place
Single Subject Presentation, “Comic Con,” Feb. 29, 2016

Justin Livingston, 2nd Place
Information Graphic, “Pokemon Map, Aug. 22, 2016”

Justin Livingston, 2nd Place
Ad Design, “Arts & Literary Festival”

Alejandra Zavaleta-Melara, 2nd Place
Feature Photo, “Sonya Hopkins, Green Acres story”

Staff, 2nd Place
Opinion/Editorial Page Design, April 25, 2016 issue

News-Register, 3rd Place
Overall Excellence

Alex Kypfer, Honorable Mention
Sports News Story, “Heating up”

Nicole Furbacher, Honorable Mention
Sports Feature Story, “Making headlines …”

Justin Livingston, Honorable Mention
Feature Page Design, “Halloween”

Chirag Sainju, Honorable Mention
Sports Feature Photo, “All ages …”

General Magazine, The Blazer:

Justin Livingston, Nathan Woodham, Joanna Mikolajczak, Honorable Mention
“The Blazer” cover

Literary Magazine, Duck Soup:

Charlie Hilliard, 1st Place
Short Story, “I’ll Be Okay”

Trace Bivens, Santiago Nava, Martin Cho, Tania Ramos, Nathan Woodham, 2nd Place
Story Package, “The Rise of Leisure and Its Consequences”

Duck Soup, 3rd Place
Overall Excellence

Angela Sharp, Honorable Mention
Illustration, “August.”

Edyersis Gonzalez, Honorable Mention
Feature Photo, “Love in the Shadows”

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