This Hidden Career Path Creates Jobs and Changes Lives

When you go to the grocery, do you ever think about how everything got there? Not just that it came on a truck, but bigger questions: How did the store know what to order, and how much? How do they calculate demand and make sure everything arrives safely? Why does all the Halloween candy go on sale in August? The answer to all those questions is a field called logistics. Michael Gallaway calls logistics “invisible.” He would know: Before starting his 30-year career in the field, he didn’t know what logistics was. Gallaway only stumbled onto the subject thanks to [...]

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2019’s Holiday Card Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our 2019 Holiday Card Art Contest! These students’ visual artwork was selected to appear on the North Lake College holiday card and other cards, and the students were compensated with scholarships and other prizes. The contest is a way of saluting and honoring the college’s visual arts students. NLC would like to thank its generous prize sponsors, DCCCD Financial Aid and the North Lake College bookstore. First place (up to $750 for tuition and books for a North Lake College class): Jesús Hernández Franco, "Fantastical Night for Fishing" (digital art) Second place ($100 Visa gift card): Prachi Agarwal, [...]

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Blazers Volleyball Team Heads to Conference Tournament

This article was written by Heather Sherrill and originally appeared in the North Lake News-Register. North Lake College Lady Blazers haven't had a great season, but they pulled it off at the very end. "We had injuries and we have struggled with having all positions competing at the same time," said head volleyball coach Cathy Carter. In order for a volleyball team to be on its A game, all three positions need to be scoring points: the left, which is called the outside hitter, the middle blocker, and then the right side hitter. "Each position plays great, but there hasn't [...]

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NLC Theatre Presents One-Act Plays Set in Rural Texas

This article was originally published in the North Lake College News-Register. North Lake College Theatre Company will delight audiences this week by offering two plays by James McLure: Lone Star and Laundry and Bourbon. The fictional plays, which have only six characters each, are set in a tiny rural town in Texas named Maynard in the early '70s, where the characters are down and out in a number of ways. "McLure knows how to write comedy," said James Gammill, technical theatre director. "In this instance, it's something that is very specific to the culture of Texas." The two scripts are [...]

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Food Insecurity Fast Facts

Food insecurity is not about skipping a meal—all college students do that. It’s about not knowing when you will eat again or where your next meal will come from.   HOME INSECURITY and FOOD INSECURITY go hand in hand. It’s difficult to cook a healthy meal if you don’t have a kitchen or refrigerator.   Nontraditional students are more vulnerable to food insecurity. Among two-year college students, 1 in 5 has children.   Nearly 1 in 5 households with a two-year college student was identified as food insecure from 2011 to 2015.   64% of food insecure students reported experiencing [...]

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Study Biology in Hawaii This Winter

Step out of the classroom and into the field by enrolling in our Hawaii field studies program this winter! The course begins with pre-trip classes at North Lake College in December, followed by 11 days in Hawaii, from January 1 to January 11, 2020. On the island of Kauai, students will work in tropical rainforest and tropical costal deserts, explore coral reefs, and hike through the mountains. About the winter semester program Students take General Botany and their choice of either Environmental Biology or Biology for Science Majors II. While working in Hawaii we will work with experts from the [...]

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Meet Artist and North Lake College Instructor Trevor Bennett

North Lake College professor Trevor Bennett is the featured artist in the campus Gallery this month with his exhibit "First Layer." The exhibition showcases his sculptures and drawings, and is free and open to the public through November 14. To celebrate his exhibit's opening, we asked Bennett questions about his artwork, his career, and his time at NLC. Who is Trevor Bennett? He’s respectful. I don’t mean it in terms of etiquette. I mean it in terms of being present-of-mind, being patient, and being humble. By recognizing that I don’t “know it all,” I maintain a posture of absorption. I [...]

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Design the Logo for the Blazer Market

Calling all creative North Lake College students: We need your help to design a logo for the new Blazer Market campus food pantry. The winning entry will receive a $100 Kroger gift card. Read the rules below, and when you've created your logo design, use this form to submit it. Entries are due by November 22, 2019. Guidelines The contest is for a logo only. Appropriate subjects might include food, eating utensils, or horse imagery. Use your imagination! Text must say "Blazer Market" in a public domain font. Offensive symbolism, imagery, or text will not be tolerated. Copyrighted images, copyright-protected [...]

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