International Students Applying to American Schools Face More Challenges Than Ever

Just a few years ago, American colleges and universities had record-high numbers of students attending from other countries. But the population of international students in the United States has been plummeting for at least two years now. There are currently a million foreign students at American colleges, but studies show new enrollments dropping by more than 5% a year. American colleges are growing more expensive, universities in other countries are getting more competitive, and the United States’ political situation is challenging. But one of the biggest problems doesn’t usually make the headlines: More and more students are having trouble getting [...]

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North Lake College’s Blazer Market Tackles Campus Food Insecurity

Hunger on college campuses is a bigger problem than many people think. Almost 20% of households with a two-year college student are food insecure – meaning that they frequently cannot afford food or do not know when or where their next meals will be. Most students are not allowed to turn to government assistance for help, either. North Lake College’s Blazer Market was created in response to student food needs on campus. In partnership with the North Texas Food Bank, the Blazer Market created a new campus space which stocks both fresh produce to take home and ready-made foods to [...]

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Get a Discounted Ride to Coppell Workplaces with Lyft

Spend the extra few miles of your daily commute to and from Coppell stress-free. Take advantage of heavily discounted rides between your train or bus stop and your workplace through the Lyft app. The City of Coppell, in partnership with the Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) and Lyft, will offer heavily discounted rides between your train or bus stop and your workplace through the Lyft app. The program is available from October 1, 2019, to September 30, 2020. Price Breakdown: 1) Rider pays first $2 of trip 2) City of Coppell pays next $15 through employer-provided promo code  (WORKCOPPELLWEST) 3) [...]

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How North Lake College Took On the Challenge of Food Insecurity

Who are the faces of hunger? Normal, everyday people Food insecurity is more common than most Americans think. People who skip meals because they can’t pay for them, or feel uncertain of where their next meal will come from, don’t all fit a stereotype or look a certain way. North Lake College (NLC) employees learned these lessons when they debuted a charity drive called Santa Bucks almost 20 years ago. Back then, NLC Student Publications Manager Kathleen Stockmier and her team expected to give away a few toys, gifts, and canned foods to students who lost their jobs during a [...]

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Here’s How North Lake’s International Students Celebrate Thanksgiving

NLC current international students and alumni. Top row: Hassan (Pakistan), Isaac (Congo). Bottom row: Effie (Kenya), Arisha (Nepal), Ida (The Gambia, alumna) Few traditions are as proudly and uniquely American as Thanksgiving. Many immigrants who arrive in the USA fall in love with the holiday, too, thanks to its simple celebration of family, gratitude, and good food. We visited the North Lake College International Center to talk to international students about what Thanksgiving means to them. Below are highlights from our conversation with five students and two NLC employees: Arisha, from Nepal; Effie, from Kenya; Isaac, from Congo, Hassan, from [...]

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Priority Registration Now Open

Current students can get a head start on registration! Get the professors you want, the classes you need, the times you choose--the perfect schedule for you. Skip the lines, too. It's all as easy as registering right now. Returning students at North Lake College can register now for both Spring 2020 and wintermester classes. Wintermester registration closes when the specific classes begin. Spring registration will close on January 15 for classes beginning January 21. More Information: View the Spring 2020 credit class schedule View the Continuing Education (non-credit) class schedules Registration dates and other important info NLC admissions Academic advising [...]

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Help Stock the Blazer Market

The Blazer Market, NLC's food pantry, is seeking donations of food items to distribute to members of the NLC community. There are two ways to donate. If you wish to donate food and other goods, we will have boxes all over Central Campus and are accepting the following items through December 5. Items with stars are favorite items which are especially popular among students. Cereal (cold)* Oatmeal (canisters and microwaveable cups preferred)* Jelly/jam* Canned vegetables and beans (options other than green beans and peas are great!) Canned Fruit (or fruit cups) Canned meats (chicken, tuna, spam/ham)* Canned pasta (Spaghetti O’s, [...]

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This Hidden Career Path Creates Jobs and Changes Lives

When you go to the grocery, do you ever think about how everything got there? Not just that it came on a truck, but bigger questions: How did the store know what to order, and how much? How do they calculate demand and make sure everything arrives safely? Why does all the Halloween candy go on sale in August? The answer to all those questions is a field called logistics. Michael Gallaway calls logistics “invisible.” He would know: Before starting his 30-year career in the field, he didn’t know what logistics was. Gallaway only stumbled onto the subject thanks to [...]

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