Eight Steps to a Low-Stress College Experience

College classes can undoubtedly be stressful and intense – but you don’t need to panic, pull all-nighters, and pop energy drinks to get through a semester at college. With the right time management skills, on-campus resources, and a little help from your friends, you can pass your classes with less stress and anxiety. Here are simple tips to keep your stress down and your grades up. Create study groups. Partnering with classmates can help you review material more quickly and efficiently. Use your combined brainpower to tackle the hardest topics and questions. Take study breaks. If you’re feeling pressure before [...]

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Top Ten Tips for International Students

For many international students, studying in the United States is the opportunity of a lifetime – but it’s also a time full of surprises. Students from outside of the country often don’t know just how different life in the US will be. We talked to North Lake College international student advisors, as well as several former international students at NLC, to see what advice they would offer to students enrolling at an American school for the first time. Their answers ranged from matters of personal safety to comments about American food, water, and friendships. Safety and Security 1. Scan important [...]

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Jazzing it Up for North Lake College

by Darius Ortega, contributing writer for the North Lake College News-Register Have you ever wanted to play the piano but were unsure of your capability to do so? Do you find it difficult learning on your own without direction? Well, the campus has just what you need, whether you have moderate experience or none. North Lake College’s music department offers, accessible and engaging classes designed for your needs. The  program offers coursework in music theory, musicianship and jazz improvisation for all levels of musicians. Scholarships are available for classes within the program. Last year, more than $500 in scholarships were awarded. Music [...]

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Are You Wondering if College Is Right for You?

If you’ve been thinking that college isn’t right for you or that you’re not right for college, it’s time to change your thinking. Community colleges offer a strong support system designed to help students just like you succeed. With lower costs, career-focused advising, dependable academic support, and flexible class schedules for working students – community colleges are built with every student in mind. Concerned about succeeding in college-level classes? Whether you want to get your GED and improve your English skills or earn your associate degree and transfer to a four-year university, community colleges can help you. College advisors can [...]

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Submit Your Work to the NLC Literary Magazine

This story originally appeared in the NLC News-Register. North Lake College's award-winning literary magazine Duck Soup is composed entirely of student-submitted art, poetry and short stories. We accept any and all submissions for consideration. If you are a student of North Lake College and would like to see your work published in an award-winning magazine, please fill out a submission form and bring it to room A234. You can find the Duck Soup Submission form online: 2018 Duck Soup submission forms (PDF)  

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An Introvert’s View on Fitting in at College

By Brian Reinhart, NLC staff College is an intimidating place for many first-time students. Learning your way around a new campus, meeting hundreds of new classmates, and adjusting to university course work are all huge challenges to take on at one time. For introverted or shy students, these challenges can be even bigger. I personally remember them well. But I also remember the lessons I learned adapting to college: lessons about being confident in my identity, being open to new experiences, knowing when to ask professors for help, and using student organizations to express myself. Here are some of the [...]

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Nine Hidden Spots Around North Lake College

North Lake College’s Central Campus is a beautiful and sometimes surprising place. Some of NLC’s buildings contain uncharted turns, unexpected study areas, and hidden hallways. So, we explored campus and asked longtime NLC community members about their favorite spots to study or relax. Here are nine reasons to linger on campus and enjoy North Lake’s sense of community. Quiet study spots T building study area. Perched right on the edge of the campus lake, this super-quiet study space in the middle of the T building’s first floor has a partial skylight running down the full length of the hallway. The [...]

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Professor Brandi Harris’s English Classes Feature Wizards, Monsters, and Myths

When North Lake College English professor Brandi Harris was in graduate school, she struggled to relate to the old, obscure “great novels” that teachers have been assigning for generations. They didn’t connect with any experiences in her own life, and they weren’t as enjoyable as the science fiction and fantasy stories she loved. When it was time to teach her own English classes, Harris was told to use the same classics – which she did for a time. However, she eventually devoted her energy to creating classes focused on her own favorite literature. “I got really bored teaching the same [...]

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NLC Taking College Transcripts to the Next Level

from the North Lake College News-Register Have you ever requested a transcript, but never received a confirmation that it was sent or that your university received it? The Dallas County Community Colleges are making changes to transcript processing so you have more access and control when you need to send your DCCCD transcript. The first phase of these improvements will soon be available: ordering printed transcripts for just $5 each. Transcripts are available on paper mailed to an address of your choice or available for pickup at the college. They can also be sent electronically to certain select schools, free of [...]

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Take a Study Break with Stress Busters

Final exams are coming up fast! If you're studying so much your brain hurts, take a moment to participate in NLC's Stress Busters, our free study break activities. Stress Busters Event Monday, December 3 Student Life Center (H200) 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Buttsketch artists, board games and snacks, as well as DIY stress balls provided by NLC Counseling. Pancakes & Pajamas Tuesday, December 4 Student Life Center (H200) 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Dress in your favorite pj's and enjoy pancakes with toppings, coffee and hot chocolate. Jazz Band Trio Performance Wednesday, December 5 Cafeteria (near Subway & Mama DeLuca's) [...]

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