2016's Holiday Card Art Contest Winners

2016's Holiday Card Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of 2016’s Holiday Card Art Contest! These students’ visual artwork was selected to appear on the North Lake College holiday and other cards, and the students are compensated with scholarships and other prizes. The contest is a way of saluting and honoring the college’s visual arts students. NLC thanks its generous prize sponsors, DCCCD Financial Aid and the North Lake College bookstore.

First Place (up to $750 for tuition and books for a North Lake College class): Amy Branch-Lambert
“A Colorful Journey,” acrylic/collage


Second Place ($100 Visa gift card): Erick Gonzalez
“Bonded Harmony”


Third Place ($50 Visa gift card): Emely Dubon
“We Meet Again,” oil and acrylic on canvas


Anniversary Card: Dawn Park
“Let’s Start Here,” oil pastels


Birthday Card: Allison Hall Garza
“Color Wheel Muted,” chalk and oil pastel on stretched canvas


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