10 Reasons Why You'll Miss NLC This Summer

10 Reasons Why You'll Miss NLC This Summer

During the semester, you look forward to being done with classes. Maybe even on the first day of the semester! You also may have even created a countdown because completing one more semester means you are closer to graduation.

But once you finish taking your finals and you no longer have to pull all nighters for school, you may come to the realization that college (particularly at North Lake) is actually pretty fun.

Here is a list of reasons why you’ll miss college this summer.

1. Enjoying the view near the lake.
North Lake College Bruce Almighty GifIt may not be the Trevi Fountain in Italy or the Fountains of Bellagio in Vegas, but our fountain on the lake is pretty darn great. How will you survive without all those lake selfies this summer?

2. Eating hot dogs and pizza on the weekly.
North Lake College Food Gif
While you may have gotten sick of eating so many hot dogs and pizza over the semester, you can’t deny all the times those club fundraisers saved you from missing out on lunch. Nothing says college lunch like those greasy pizza slices and meaty chili hot dogs. You’ll savor those moments next semester.

3. Taking your schedule nap after that early morning class.
North Lake College Sleepy GifLet’s be honest. While you may be able to sleep in during the summer, nothing beats those mid-morning or early afternoon naps. There’s just something about sleeping in your bed during the middle of the day.

4. Meeting someone from another country.
North Lake College Handshake Gif
Irving is one of the most diverse zip codes in the country, so it comes to no surprise that our student body is comprised of a variety of cultures. Being home for the summer means you’ll miss out on meeting someone from Nepal or a country in Africa. Stay cultured, our friends. The fall semester will be here before you know it and you’ll be back in Diverse City.

5.  Riding the DART to and from campus.
North Lake College Subway Gif
While the DART has its pros and cons, nothing beats a good ‘ole train or bus ride. Not only did the DART help you save money on gas, but it also gave you the opportunity to get more steps in for the day.

6.  Viewing the different exhibits in the Gallery.
North Lake College Nodding Gif
The Gallery is constantly changing with new student, faculty and staff artwork. Your walk to class was always interesting when you stopped to look at the different artistic pieces. Did you know the Gallery is updated with new art even in the summertime? This gives you a reason to come back and visit campus!

7.  Attending numerous campus events.
North Lake College Fun Gif
While it may be difficult keeping up with everything that happens on campus, you never missed all those events that included free food. Plus, thanks to the Student Life Office, your cotton candy and popcorn needs were always met.

8.  Using school as an excuse at work.
North Lake College I Just Can't Gif
If you were running late to work, you could easily blame your class for “going over time.” But now that it’s going to be summer, your excuses about school will no longer work. We know…sad day.

9.  Having the option to eat Subway.
North Lake College Subway Gif
Subway may be the only restaurant on campus, but it’s a good one. Their healthy options always gave you a reason to post to Snapchat, so you could show your friends how healthy you were. How else will you “eat fresh” this summer?

10.  Being constantly surrounded by your friends.
North Lake College Group Hug Gif
At times, you may have been annoyed by your group of friends if you would see them almost every single day. But having awesome friends is one of the greatest things about college. Start counting down the days until you’re reunited!


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