You know summertime is here when you get to stay up late and wake up even later, soak up the sun by the pool and…study for class? Taking a class during the summer is probably not on your agenda. We get it. It’s your time off, and you want to enjoy every single moment without schoolwork. But the fact is, summer classes offer numerous benefits and still leave you with plenty of time to enjoy all the things you love about summer!

Here is a list of reasons why you should take summer classes at North Lake!

1. You earn college credit in just 5 weeks.
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Summer sessions are always shorter than regular semesters. Compared to the 5-week summer schedule, the fall semester is about 15 weeks long. Who wouldn’t want to knock out some classes in just a few weeks?

2. You save money.

If you attend a four-year college or university, taking classes here is a lot cheaper. You’ll save money that could be used for bills, groceries, tuition, etc.

3. You save time and graduate early.

By taking classes during the summer, you can graduate a semester early, depending on your schedule and the number of summer classes you take. You can also get your General Education requirements out of the way, so you have more time to focus on your major during the regular school year. So while everyone else has another semester or more to go, you’ll be ahead!

4. You can enjoy the flexibility benefit.
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Unlike the regular semester when you have more classes to juggle along with different clubs and organizations, you have more time to get your schoolwork done and time to fit in all your summer plans. While the pace of summer classes may move faster, the environment is typically considered more relaxed, so you still have those laid back summer vibes.

5.  You can catch up on credits.

Are you behind on credits or need to re-take a class? Summer is the perfect time to do it because you can get the course(s) done much faster, and it won’t get in the way of the fall or spring semesters.

6.  There is less competition for popular classes.
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Maybe you’ve missed out on a class during the fall or spring semesters. During the summer, you have a higher chance of enrolling in the class you want or need because less students take summer classes. 

7.  You have more access to your professors.
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The class size of summer courses are often smaller compared to other semesters. This means you can get more one-on-one time with your professors, which can help you do better in class.

8.  You’ll keep your brain active.
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The more you exercise your brain, the better it will perform, right? Learning new things in a summer class is a great way to keep your brain active all year round!

9.  There is less hustle and bustle on campus.

While we love when all of our Blazers are on campus, you may enjoy a more quiet and calm setting. When you take a summer course, you skip the lines at Subway when it’s lunchtime and get a better parking spot.

10.  You can try something new.
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Maybe you’ve never taken a summer course before, or you’re uncertain about the whole idea. Now is the perfect time to try something new! So what are you waiting for? Register for a summer class (or two)! Summer I begins Thursday, June 6 and Summer II begins Monday, July 8. You can also register for Fall 2019!

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